Welcome to the absolute summer Beach Bar Mistral 2014Au bord de la mer.

MISTRAL 2014 | Au bord de la mer Located at Alykes Drosias 10 minutes from Chalkis on a big sandy beach with beautiful clear blue waters.

MISTRAL 2014 | Au bord de la mer  Bar | Restaurant is a 200 -square-meters indoor/outdoor venue featuring two bars and is a new contemporary and casual concept serving fresh food, local ingredients and other traditional dishes.

At MISTRAL 2014 | Au bord de la mer the lunch menu includes a wide variety of delicious dishes, seafood, salads and light snacks. Throughout the day you will enjoy refreshing drinks and cocktails.It is considered perhaps the most popular Beach Bar in Chalkis. Special for its unique architecture, comfortable spaces, perfect service, Parking space and a "golden beach" with the most sought after beach sofas in the area.

MISTRAL 2014 | Au bord de la mer  Bar | Restaurant features modern and airy décor which is wooden with white, tans and shades of blue. A cocktail bar built inside the restaurant offer guests a separate space for drinking and dining. Guests can take, in the sunset from waterfront seating while shaded by a sail and ordering drinks from a rustic beach bar.